My name is

Andrea Sandmaier.

Métis Leader. Community Builder. Mother. Financial Advisor. Wife. Visionary. Friend. Helper. Listener. Optimist.

Andrea’s roots are historically tied to the Red River, Batoche, Duck Lake and St. Paul de Métis.

Andrea’s family and ancestral names include, Sanregret (Sansregret), Ross, Carriere, Grant, Collins, Ouelette, Dumont, Laliberte, Robillard, Lagimodiere, Laframboise, and Bruneau.

Meet Andrea

Andrea Sandmaier has been Vice-President of Region Two of the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) since 2018.

  • (1) Andrea & Everett Kusturok
  • (2) Paulette Dahlseide Esquao Award Presentation
  • (3) MNA Region Two Ice Fishing Event

Prior to joining the MNA Provincial Council, Andrea excelled in the banking industry for 15 years. Although banking is tied to targets, revenues and performance, Andrea was always about serving customers. She found that commitment to service is very rewarding, and it allowed her to continuously exceed annual targets.

Andrea is ready to build on her past experience to become the MNA President under the new Otipemisiwak Métis Government. She is passionate about learning from the past and continuing the legacy of nation-building for the Métis in Alberta.

Nation Builder

The wisdom of Metis ancestors is central to the story of the Metis Nation – Decades of hard work by those who came before us has made the Métis Nation of Alberta what it is today.

Andrea seeks to build on Métis history and traditions while tackling present-day challenges and opportunities. Self-government, Métis Script claims, modern day treaties and proudly promoting our strong Métis culture and language are vital to our future, while honouring the past.

  • (1) Andy Collins Scholarship Recipient
  • (2) Andrea & Elder Francis Dumais
  • (3) 2023 MNA/RLI/Métis Education Foundation - St. Paul Canadiens Scholarship Recipient

There’s been tremendous success by past leaders on issues facing Métis people that we can all be proud of. We’ve seen great strides in nation-building strides and in gaining recognition from the federal government.

Andrea sees – as you do – that Métis families and individuals are falling through the cracks.

Conversations with Elders, Residential School Survivors and a young Métis Social Worker who has lived experience in the foster care system was enough to convince Andrea that her work with the MNA was far from over. It was there she found a reignited passion to help push forward for better health care, protection of children, and restorative justice.

She is committed to supporting restorative justice to help people heal. She strongly believes that mental health is part of our overall health, and the lack of access to advanced mental health supports, means the Metis lack the tools to move forward, and this impacts the resiliency and strength to grow as a nation. Without wrap-around children’s services to care for our children, we aren’t really building the Metis community.

Strong, Healthy Métis Families

Nation-building starts with strong relationships within families and the community. Andrea dedicated many years of her life to her own family, as a wife and mother to three sons.

In 2018, she was asked to put her skills and compassion into her work at the MNA.

Andrea embraced this opportunity by getting to know the community, understanding the challenges, needs, hopes, and dreams. She learned about the importance of the Métis kinship from the elders, and has embraced the opportunity to spend time with knowledge keepers to learn from their wisdom and stories they share.

  • (1) Family Snowboarding Trip
  • (2) Family Picture - Thanksgiving 2022
  • (3) Great-Grandfather - William Sansregret
  • (4) Great Grandmother - Maria Sansregret (Collins)

Born in Cold Lake, Alberta, Andrea has always considered the area home. While she was raised near Stony Plain, Andrea would return to Cold Lake to visit her grandparents during summer breaks from school, and would experience fishing, berry picking, camping, gardening and baking. During a family reunion, Andrea and her husband decided this is where they wanted to raise their family. The couple moved back in 2004 to raise their three sons in the place they now call home.

From a very early life, Andrea had a passion for supporting others and creating positive change. Her dream was to become a social worker. But life had other plans and her career path led to a slightly different journey that allowed her to create lasting positive change for many.

Andrea plans to build on the past while moving boldly into the future. Her vision is to address outstanding issues and ensure opportunity is widespread for the Métis Nation within Alberta.


Andrea’s leadership demonstrates authentic, consistent compassion made visible by her commitment to community wellness, justice, education and child and family service development. She is approachable and intuitive with a calm humility that puts people at ease knowing she is truly listening and considering their concerns and needs. She exhibits confident decisiveness born of deep self-awareness and critical thinking that reflects a keen mind for effective social and business management and planning.

Perhaps one of her strongest leadership traits is that she identifies, develops and encourages the strengths of those around her. She clearly recognizes that the Métis Nation is made stronger by amplifying the voices of community, empowering citizens to live in the fullness of their ingenuity, creativity and sovereignty as Métis people.

- Paulette Dahlseide

Vote for Leadership that is:

  • Visionary
  • Optimistic
  • Principled
  • Compassionate
  • Qualified
  • Committed

Andrea Sandmaier is a passionate leader, proven community builder and a champion for MNA citizens.

Qualified Leadership

Andrea was elected MNA Vice-President Region 2 in 2018, following a highly successful career in the financial industry. She brings her financial and business acumen to her role along with her compassionate heart for the Métis people.

Her work within the MNA includes:

  • MNA Treasurer
  • Board Member on the Bonnyville Indian and Métis Rehabilitation Centre
  • Committee Member on the MNA Children’s Authority Committee
  • Support for the development of the MNA Justice Strategy
  • Advocacy for Truth & Reconciliation and the Calls to Action
  • Committee Member New Dawn Métis Women’s Wellness
  • Committee Member MNA St. Paul Museum Display
  • Metis National Council Rights Panel


Andrea exemplifies generosity, fairness and thoughtfulness. When you meet Andrea you immediately feel her genuine interest and respect for what you are saying or sharing. Andrea is dedicated to our Elders and knowledge keepers. On days off, you will find her driving them to events, attending workshops where they are presenting or attending.

I have witnessed her volunteer work and have respect and admiration for her generosity, intelligence and dedication to “great causes” that she holds dear. Her patience in listening to our people’s stories of heartbreak and perseverance is evident in the respect they freely give to her. She helps us all understand the importance of the relationship we have with the land, our culture and language and how we must preserve this as the True Canadians we are. She is also passionate about gaining our Otipemsiwak government which helps to fulfill her vision as well as our vision for Metis self-government.

We need Andrea’s passion, integrity, and compassion.

- Carrie Goldsmith

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