Moving Forward Together

A strong president moving the Otipemiswak Métis Government Forward

Competent, strong leadership with integrity and compassion is needed to move our nation forward. As the First President on the Otipemisiwak Métis Government, Andrea’s number one priority will be self-government and it is through the Otipemisiwak Métis Government that Andrea will work tirelessly towards realizing our own Children’s Authority, a Justice Strategy, Scrip Claims and a Modern Day Treaty.

Andrea is a driven community builder with extensive experience in both the private sector and serving MNA citizens.

She is known for her:

  • Commitment to build on the legacy of our current leadership and Métis ancestors;
  • Dedication to improve the outcomes for MNA citizens through restorative justice, child welfare, mental health, and health care initiatives;
  • Ability to guide and help people understand the importance of kinships and relationship with the land, culture, and language;
  • Willingness to act on advice, wisdom, and stories from Elders and Knowledge Keepers;
  • Engagement and consultations with the community.

Andrea is also known for building relationships, she probes, builds alliances and looks at creative ways to address issues that are important to MNA citizens and moving the Metis Nation within Alberta forward.

Andrea's Priorities

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1. Nation Building

Andrea is committed to continuing the path to self-government and a modern-day treaty

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2. Setting Things Straight

Late Elder Francis Dumais taught Andrea that there is no Cree word for reconciliation, the closest word is kwayaskâtisiwin and it translates to “setting things straight”. Through the new Otipemisiwak Métis Government Andrea will work tirelessly to set things straight for the Métis within Alberta. Andrea will advocate for our own Children’s Authority, a Justice Strategy, Education, Health Initiatives, Scrip Claims and a Modern Day Treaty.

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3. Family and Community

Andrea has a deep appreciation for the Métis culture, language and the important relationship the community has with the land. She believes that cultivating relationships with family and the whole community is critical to preserving these values. She believes in:

  • Respecting and listening to Elders and valuing their wisdom and stories
  • Advocating for Métis culture and values
  • Listening to the Métis people to understand their needs, their hopes and dreams and acting to create the change needed
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4. Economic Reconciliation

Andrea believes that Métis in Alberta have unlimited economic potential. She is committed to enabling all Citizens within the Métis Nation of Alberta to fully participate in the economy by:

  • Pursuing partnerships and equity stakes in large projects so all Métis Citizens can participate and benefit from economic development
  • Building upon the successes of other projects, such as the artist collective space at Renaissance Place in Edmonton
  • Expanding Indigenous tourism opportunities across the Nation
  • Creating additional opportunities to support Métis youth and women entrepreneurs
  • Working tirelessly to ensure prosperity for all Métis Citizens across Alberta
Andrea's team'

Will you join Andrea’s team?

Andrea Sandmaier and her team have a vision for the future that protects and preserves the health, welfare, culture and way of being for MNA citizens. Join us as we continue to build the Métis Nation for our families, our community and future generations.

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